I love to travel, whether a physical journey, an intellectual journey, or a trip through a new and intriguing subject. I’ve just finished a 10-day trip involving my trusty Ford Explorer, a bus, a plane, a cruise ship, two taxis, and two trains. Two countries, four Canadian provinces, 400 years of history. 

One of the best things about trips, to me, is the planning. I can happily spend hours, days, or weeks poring over maps, websites, and guidebooks. Hotels, train schedules, flights. The thrill of the journey. Anticipation.

Journeys of the mind also call for planning. Brushing up on my pitiful French before the trip involved researching programs. Reading reviews. Checking used bookstores, Amazon and the public library for the best dealon the one I chose. Getting ready to read the first page and listen to the first CD. Anticipation.

Journey with me along the road and around the curve, looking for the next adventure, the hidden gems, the sweet surprises amidst the everyday. Anticipation!


About Christine

I am a mom, grandmom, wife, sister, daughter, Christian, and writer. I love my family, Jesus, traveling, reading, sewing, gardening, adventure, and photography. My life is a journey, as is yours. Travel with me through my journeys as a writer, a Christ-follower, a wanderer across the land. Let's explore together.
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