Anticipation, part two.

I’m embarking on another trip, again thanks to my travel-crazed, wander-lusting gypsy-mama. In the past few years, we’ve cruised the Caribbean with the Philadelphia Phillies, sailed from Quebec to Boston on the St. Lawrence, winged our way to the Holy Land of Israel, and now we’re flying to Rome.

I’ll be fulfilling one of my long-held dreams, a bucket-list item if you will. I’ll finally be setting foot in France! I’m not sure why I’ve always been so fascinated by France, but the fact is that I am.

I studied French in high school because I didn’t want to take Latin, and since I had a little exposure in elementary school, it seemed like the easiest thing to do. Four years in high school and one year in college. French Club in high school, including a trip to the French Embassy in Washington, where we spoke actual French to an actual French person! And he understood us!

Okay, back to the present day. I’ve been brushing up a bit on my very rusty French. Here’s hoping I get to speak some French and that I will, once again, be understood!

The Itinerary: Rome, Pompeii, Palermo, Florence/Pisa, Sardinia, Corsica, Monte Carlo, St. Tropez, and Barcelona! Two days in Rome followed by 11 days on a Holland America cruise liner.

I’ve taken the first leg of my journey today (Friday), driving from my house to my mom’s–a trip of 500 miles. Saturday, a few final details, errands, and packing. Sunday, to the airport!

I want to write something every day, to share my experiences with you, but I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to access the internet. Please free to follow along!


About Christine

I am a mom, grandmom, wife, sister, daughter, Christian, and writer. I love my family, Jesus, traveling, reading, sewing, gardening, adventure, and photography. My life is a journey, as is yours. Travel with me through my journeys as a writer, a Christ-follower, a wanderer across the land. Let's explore together.
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One Response to Anticipation, part two.

  1. revdonnamia says:

    Blessings on your wonderful adventure! You, my dear, are a kindred spirit. Pull on those gypsy shoes wander this great big world of ours! I’m delighted that I can follow along.


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